Governor Pence praises efforts of INYCA to promote cricket


Governor of Indiana Michael R Pence has congratulated the Indiana Youth Cricket Association for the great stride it has made to introduce cricket to schools across the Hoosier state.

In a communication to the INYCA, the Governor said  “Your dedication to sports education is exemplary to the community schools that you serve and the state as a whole.  For these reasons, I believe you to be a true leader and role model to young Hoosiers everywhere.  

Wishing the INYCA and its team of volunteers best in their future endeavors, Mr Pence said “As you continue to grow in your educational endeavors, I encourage you to keep a servant’s heart. A servant leader listens before he leads and considers the needs of others before his own. Surround yourself with fellow servant leaders and prioritize integrity in your organization, and I believe you will continue to find success in your career. “

Meanwhile, the INYCA continues to expand cricket and provide coaching education to teachers and coaches in Indiana.

An all-day advance cricket clinic is scheduled for March 19 at Hamilton Southeastern Schools in Fisher, Indiana. Approximately 1000 students and a number of teachers are expected to attend.

Cricket will be part of this year’s Hope Civil War day’s celebration, in Hope on April 5 and 6.  During civil war, soldiers used to play cricket and event is all about bringing history back to our next generation. Cricket will be on display as well as demonstration will be held during the event.  It will provide an opportunity to those present to try their skills with the bat or ball game.

On April 6, Gambold Preparatory Magnet High School plans to resume their cricket team preparation for the another Inter-School game like last year. Athletic Director Mathew Shirk, who is alsoo INYCA Director of Coaching, will provide coaching to new students and also resume training for last year’s team with Jatin Patel to take them to next level. Another T-10 Inter-School game at the Gambold High School is expected to be played during May this year.

After last year’s 1st Cricket Coaching Education with Certification at IUPUI (for under graduate students with PE Major) Indiana youth cricket expands to three more colleges this year in Indiana.

Two cricket camps at Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana are planned for April 18 and 25. Camp intended for under graduate students with PE major – to train them future cricket coaches and many area teachers and others will. join to become cricket coaches.

Franklin College will host cricket camp for the coaches intended for under graduate college students and  staff members at the campus on May 4.

Two more college camps and Inter school game are on slate but final schedule is yet to be decided.

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (IMA) is working on to screen a classic cricket film this year and  has invited Indiana Youth Cricket  Association with few young people/team to demonstrate the cricket and teach some audience members as screening will be done at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. IMA tentatively plans to complete screening before the National Cricket Championship to be held in Indianapolis.

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