23 Ball State University Undergrads attend Cricket Coaching Certification Programme



Twenty three physical education undergrads of Ball State University atteneded the “Basics of Cricket Coaching Certification Programme” conducted by United States Youth Cricket Association 2nd Vice-President Jatin Patel who is also founder of USA Center for Excellence in Cricket and member of the USYCA-American Cricket Federation Joint Committee for Youth Cricket Development.

PE students who attended the programme were Katie Allen, Haley Austin, Jackson Berry, Michelle Blok, Sydni Cleckley, Brock Daniels, Tyler Davis, Taylor Fry, Josh Gove, Emily Hardin, Emily Jeffries, Tyler Kissinger, Sarah Kniesly, Austin Lemna, Drake Miller, Travis Minix, Michael Ragukonis, Patrick Reese, Jayna Rowland, Makelle Skelton, Thomas Treadway, Joseph Washington, Kayla Yadron.

Sheli Plummer, Instructor of Physical Education and Shannon Dieringer, Assistant Professor, PETE Coordinator, both from the school of Physical Education, Sport and Exercise Science were present at the coaching clinics. At the conclusion of the session, they were also certified for the ‘Basics of Cricket’ and become instructors for the future student coaches.

BSU becomes the second university in Indiana to provide this course, which was designed with an online study component that included take-home quizzes, followed by two technical coaching sessions on basic cricket skills and game preparation.

Jatin Patel completed this second college project out of a total of four scheduled for this year. Patel, an ICC and Cricket Australia Level II accredited coach, conducted both technical skill sessions.

Explaining the importance of such ongoing college projects and training in Indiana for physical education majors, Jatin Patel said, “My view is that trained lecturers and professors at the university will teach cricket to many undergraduate students with PE majors for many years to come. In the future, those PE teachers may be working at one or more schools, but cricket will go with them and this is expected to help to grow the sport.

“In simple terms, we are establishing the most productive and efficient way to expand cricket in North America, with the concept of lecturers and instructors training PE teachers, and then they will train many students every year for many years to follow, at one or more schools during their careers.

“With the four (two of them completed) ongoing college projects in Indiana during 2014, we are also working to finalize initial guidelines and to standardize plans for cricket coaching education and training for future PE teachers in US colleges. A course outline (to be released in May 2014) is now developed based on research, feedback and suggestions we have received from college students and faculty members who have been involved in the cricket education,” said Patel.

Sheli Plummer and Shannon Dieringer of BSU said “Having Indiana Cricket and Jatin Patel come to Ball State University as a guest instructor in our Teaching Field, Court, and Invasion Games course for PETE (Physical Education Teacher Education) Undergraduates was a great opportunity for our students to be exposed to a new international sport. Jatin educated our students on the fundamental skills and basic rules of cricket, provided opportunities to participate in a modified game situation, and to become familiar with the actual safety equipment used by the athletes. Our students left the experience with a basic understanding of the sport.

“Targeting PETE undergraduate students with this type of experience seems to be a great way to spread the word about international sports and activities.”



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