Basics of Cricket” coaching certification introduced in Franklin College



A group of Franklin College students, who are working to become future physical education teachers, completed online education and practical session to learn basic cricket skills. They are now eligible for “Basics of Cricket” coaching certification, according to information received from Indiana Youth Cricket.

Franklin College became third college in Indiana after IUPUI and BSU to launch such cricket education. This is designed with the online study work with the take home quizzes, followed by two technical coaching sessions on basic cricket skills and the game preparations. Camp session was conducted by young and talented coaches /players Parag Pandya, Dhaval Patel and Vivek Patel of Indy Legends, affiliated to American Cricket Federation.

The third college batch (out of four ongoing college projects in Indiana during 2014) of Certified Cricket Coaches from newly designed program, comprised Mark Britner, Kris Sandlin, Jordan Finke, Karissa Lory, Brandon Sheets, Blake Williams, all students with the Franklin College. Faculty staff member Kim Eiler, Assistant Professor of Physical Education at Franklin College, Indiana was also present on the occasion and also attended entire coaching clinic to become instructor for the future student coaches.

After Indiana introduced state wide school ‘Cricket Study Guide for the Physical Education Teachers’ during 2013. Jatin Patel, an International Cricket Council Certified and Cricket Australia Accredited coach pioneered this college course work and expanding to many other colleges and universities.

At the conclusion of the cricket workshop, Kim Eiler, Assistant Professor of Physical Education of Franklin College thanked Jatin Patel for successfully introducing cricket and conducting the basic course. In a statement Kim said “Thank you so much for sending your coaches to Franklin College to teach us basics of cricket. They did an outstanding job and our students had a great time learning about playing cricket. We would love to have you come back in the fall when we can have more students participate. We appreciate all your hard work introducing cricket to our area.”


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